Kanto Computer Calendar

As a public service, OnJapan.net maintains an online calendar of computer club meetings and exhibitions in the Tokyo area. The calendar is available in several formats:


We know Linux and the Internet, from the perspectives of a system administrators, developers, and users. OnJapan.net can put Linux and the 'net to work for your company or organization.

  • Data mining and conversion - using system tools like Python and JavaScript with Node.JS to make information available in a variety of ways and formats to facilitate collaboration
  • System administration and programming
    • Email administration (Exim)
    • Apache (with mod_ssl), node.JS, nginx, and LightTPD web server administration
    • DNS configuration and maintenance
    • Firewall setup and monitoring
    • news administration
  • Open Source development and community involvement


Operating Systems
Linux, Mac OS X
x86, ARM, PPC
Python, JavaScript/ CoffeeScript, Clojure/Clojurescript, Erlang/Elixir, C, PHP, Forth, PowerMops
TCP/IP, SMB (Windows Networking), DNS, Email (Exim), Routers
Web Servers
Node.js, Nginx, Apache with PHP and SSL extensions
Content Management Systems
SilverStripe, Drupal
CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite